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  • Hello princehamody,

    unfortunately the phone you ordered went out of stock - in the time between your order and the planned distribution of the package. The planned date for the package's distribution thus could not be maintained, as it had been announced to you.

    That's why we would have to ask you to be a little more patient. Otherwise you always have the chance to repeal the order you made. Of course you could also write the regarding mail in English - please use the contact form if you want to do so.

    If you do not repeal your order, you should receive another mail from congstar in the next days, regarding the distribution of your package and the Tracking ID for the DHL, who will carry the package as soon as we received new phones of the type you ordered. Sorry, but until then we cannot offer another solution, except from a possible change in the phone's color, as it was offered to you in one of the mails. I guess there might have been problems caused by the language.

    You can always write in English or ask for an English speaking Support worker when contacting congstar.

    Best wishes,

  • Liebes Congstar-Team,
    Ich habe vor einigen Tagen das iPhone 8 Plus zusammen mit einem Vertrag bestellt. Die einmalige Anzahlung wurde bereits abgebucht.
    Können Sie mir sagen, wann mein Gerät in den Versand geht, oder ob es auch bei diesem Gerät momentan zu Lieferengpässen kommt?

    Über eine Antwort freue ich mich sehr.

    Viele Grüße,
  • Hallo Max95,

    herzlich willkommen im congstar Forum.

    Dein Handy wird voraussichtlich am 07.11.2017 an die Versandabteilung übergeben. Dann kann es noch einmal 1 - 3 Tage dauern bis das Endgerät versendet wird. Sobald das der Fall ist bekommst du eine Versandbestätigung per E-Mail mit Sendungsnummer.

    Auch bei weiteren Fragen haben wir immer ein offenes Ohr für dich.


  • Hallo klassen,

    auch dich begrüße ich herzlich im congstar Forum.

    Unter der hinterlegten E-Mailadresse finde ich jedoch keine Handybestellung.

    Bitte gebe in deinem Forumsprofil ggf. dieselbe E-Mail Addresse an, die du bei der Anmeldung bei congstar vergeben hast bzw. in deinem Kundenkonto derzeit hinterlegt ist. Dann können wir deine Daten aufrufen und dir präziser helfen. (Oben rechts auf deinen Forennamen klicken -> Profil bearbeiten -> Benutzerkonto -> unten die E-Mailadresse angleichen.)

    Sobald das erledigt ist schau ich gerne einmal rein.



  • Dear Gerrit N.
    thank you for your reply so nice of you
    so first about canceling my order it won't be fair after waiting a whole month ,and after this cancelation , ill have to wait for the payments that i made to be Credited back to my bank account again , which i don't know how much would it also take because with timing and delivering things your not good at all and what im having now is a good example
    second about changing the color handy ill call the service center to ask about that and if you can please also send me more details about it with email
    in english
    thank you
    Best Regards
  • Greetings
    i already took this option for the color changing and i have asked which color would be fast delivered to me and you have it already and i don't have to wait for it , the answer was the diamond black or gold they would be delivered immediately , i choose than the diamond black since friday , now the new excuse for you is your still working on it sincee friday and i call and same answer we are working in your ticket so first handy was not available and now still in work every time new excuses , 32 days since my order and i have never heard a good news every time wrong information you even took the first rate for my phone that i didn't get till now.
    so i wonder and i asked this many times and no one answered my question and every time you run away from my question
    again i ask it here and hope someone answer me
    your AGB says that the first payment of the phone will be taken after the order completed and accepted and the 24 rest rate for this handy will be booked after the delivery of the phone so in this way your breaking the rule why you took from me the first rate and i didn't receive my phone
    i need an answer please someone answer my question
    if not i here by ask you to return my first rate to my account and only book it after you deliver my phone to me
    im sure this question will be ignored and no one would answer but i hope not
    so i need from you please to tell me when my phone will be delivered , why your doing that , i mean if i ordered this phone from 2 weeks it would be delivered because in your website says for the iPhone 7 delivery (1-2) and im waiting since 4 weeks 4 days so how could this be possible why you let people order and wait and give wrong information ?
    the biggest problem for me is since 32 days you didn't try to call me or send email or anything to inform me about my order not once i always have to call and ask so this shows how much you care for your customers so Obvious
    im waiting for a reply
    thank you
    Best Regards
  • Hallo princehamody,

    at this time I can not tell the date of the delivery. Your request has been overhanded to a special department. My colleagues will inform you as soon as possible.

    I am very sorry that I can not tell you more. Please be a little patient. Also my english-skills are not very good. For engilsh requests you should use our Kontaktformular.

    Kindest regards

  • Greetings Mark O.
    And still you didn’t answer my question about how could you take the first Rate from me this what i need to hear an explaniation for , let’s say I didn’t pay for my first Rate you Would send me that I’ll have to pay 3 Euro more because I broke The AGB and also it says if I didn’t pay it you than will force me to pay the whole price for this handy in one payment and no rate would be possible anymore , so your now breaking this rule ? How and why.
    And my problem is since 3 weeks and 4 days with the specialist and my whole order since 4 weeks 4 days and till now what I hear when I call or send emails that your still working on my problem
    What I can’t understand how you still saying at your website for customers that handy will be delivered in 1-2 weeks and you don’t have this handy since one month ? So how you explain this
    It’s really annoying so much you didn’t even bother even once to contact me and tell me what is the status of my order not once
    ,And what you replied me now is just the same story I’m always hearing it’s still in Bearbeitung can’t you say something better in all this time one month ,you could fly to USA and bring an iPhone directly from apple and fly back to Germany and give for me it would be faster
    Waiting for a response and answer For my questions please
    Best Regards
  • Hallo princehamody,

    princehamody schrieb:

    why you took from me the first rate and i didn't receive my phone
    The first rate is debited from the bank account according to the installment plan:
    Die erste Rate ist fällig am 01.11.2017 und endet nach 24 Monaten. (The first installment is due on November 1st ,2017 and ends after 24 months.)
    As colleagues on the phone explained to you this very day: we check to send the smartphone daily.

    princehamody schrieb:

    so i need from you please to tell me when my phone will be delivered , why your doing that , i mean if i ordered this phone from 2 weeks it would be delivered because in your website says for the iPhone 7 delivery (1-2) and im waiting since 4 weeks 4 days so how could this be possible why you let people order and wait and give wrong information ?
    Same here!

    We understand that you allready have been very patient with us, but we can not rush to let the manufacturer send the smartphones.
    So thank you, that you've been so patient with us until now. We will send as our Support tells you today.

    Best Regards,
    "Komm wir essen Opa!" --- Satzzeichen retten Leben!
  • congstar.de/fileadmin/files_co…gstar_Monatliche_Rate.pdfGreetings
    actually your 100% wrong
    In your AGB says that the first Rate would be taken after the delivery of the phone and again please check your AGB again about price list here i send it for you to make sure ,so legally you can’t take from me the First Rate so please correct your Information
    Second for the last contact I made on Friday the deal was to change my phone color because you said I’m right and it really took a lot of time so we will make you a ticket with a new Optik to change your phone Color this will make us deliver your phone fast so I habe been asked which color I prefer so i asked what you have that would be directly delivered the answer was gold or diamond black these two colors sofort verfügbar this was your Kunden Service answer so I choose the diamond black and the deal was done and that my phone will be send for me this week
    And here we are again in the same problem so I’m still hearing lies ?
    So what you answered me have no logic and your trying to put me in the circle again
    And again
    And if you will ask me to cancel my order like all the people I had contact with asked me I say no i dont want to cancel my order all I want is that you give me back my frost rate and take it again only after you deliver my phone it’s my legal right
  • Hello princehamody,

    your order is being processed as soon as possible by one of our specialized departments.

    Unfortunately as mentioned before we cannot help you with your order via this support forum anymore. If you want to make a judicial clarification, e.g. regarding the payment, we need you to write an e-mail via the contact form.

    We can understand that you are not satisfied with the situation you are in, but we can't offer you any other solution via this forum than we have already.

    Best wishes,

  • Greetings
    ok Great you could say this from beginning and not try to show that your right and im wrong ,as you answered my questions above about the first rate payment and explained for me and send me a sentence in german written that the first rate would be taken from my bank in first of the month its right i know that but after the iPhone delivered so this means you had 25 days to deliver my phone before first payment would be taken from my account but you didn't deliver it till now and we are talking about 4 weeks 4 days so it means you broke the rules not me so here by i ask you to contact your manager and ask that the first payment credited back to my account and after iPhone delivery you could book it again its that simple and its my right
    and why im writing here to let all people see and know what is going on and to be careful that before making any order look carefully although i don't understand how you write at the website of yours since 3 weeks i see that iPhone 7 would be delivered 1-2 weeks and you even don't have it since one month ?
    Best Regards
  • Hello princehamody,

    i'm sorry to hear about your unhappiness and the difficulties with your order.
    But I need to tell you, that - like Gerrit allready said - we've reached our Service Limit here via the Forum.

    Please be patient or you can write an E-Mail using our Kontaktformular to cancel your order completely.
    If you decide to cancel your order, than of course you will get your payment back.

    Best wishes

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  • Greetings Eric F.
    its so funny that you saw everything what Gerrit said and you didn't see what i wrote about stop asking me to cancel my order
    your trying to let me cancel my order since 2 weeks and i said that 2 times stop asking me that and i explained why and you still asking me the same
    second you didn't answer my question about the payments i need answer from you about the AGB please read again what i wrote
    i know you can't help me here anymore
    but you work for congstar so all im asking for to explain me about payments in AGB i need an explanation about that please
    Best Regards
  • Hello princehamody,

    the fact, that you have to pay in andvance is mentioned in the Bill "Gesamtrechnung" that you have received.
    I'm sorry if you overlooked that, but this is the normal procces if you place an order at congstar.
    We can't make an exception for you.
    So if you are still unhappy about this process i can only repeat myself and give you the advice to cancel your order.

    Best Regards,
  • Hallo,

    nachdem ich mich nun doch darau freuen konnte, dass ihr mal eine Aussage eingehalten habt (das die Lieferung diese Woche heraus geht) muss ich gerade die nächste Enttäuschung schlucken.

    Sendungsstatus heute voraussichtliche zwischen 12:00 und 15:00 Uhr.
    Nachdem ich damals schon meine Lieferadresse bewusst habe ändern lassen (zu der Firma in der ich arbeite) weil ich zu den Lieferzeiten NIE zuhause bin und mir das damals bestätigt wurde, habe ich eben doch mal vorsichtig im Chat nachgehört welche hinterlegt ist (da um 15:45 Uhr noch keine Lieferung erfolgte und DHL eigentlich immer ziemlich pünktlich hier ist).

    Als Antwort erhielt ich:

    Es wurde die Lieferadresse Ludwig-Karl-Balzer-Allee 19 angegeben.

    Ich sehe aber gerade, dass die Lieferadresse vom System nur bis zum 31.10 eingetragen wurde.
    SOmit wird die Leiferung an die Felsberger Str. 28 gehen.
    Wenn Sie nicht angetroffen werden, wird die Bestellung für 7 Tage bei DHL gelagert.

    Ich denke hierzu muss ich mich gar nicht mehr groß äußern.
    Die Vorgehensweise passt leider auch zu allem was voraus gegangen ist :thumbdown: .
    Und Sinn in dem Vorgehen sehe ich leider nicht, zumal ich ja nichts dafür konnte, dass die Lieferung nach dem 31.10. heraus ging.
    Eigentlich sollte die ja laut eurem Versprechen bereits am 25.10. ankommen.

    Einfach nur lachhaft!
  • Hallo Nevi,

    das ist natürlich verständlicherweise ärgerlich.
    Wir geben den alternativen Lieferadressen immer nur eine gewisse Dauer bis sie nicht mehr gültig sind damit man nicht vergisst, dass man eine eingerichtet hat und sich später wundert, warum Bestellungen nicht zu Hause ankommen.
    Durch die bei deiner Bestellunge aufgetretenen Lieferverzögerungen ist es nun tatsächlich so passiert, dass die alternative Lieferadresse schon vor der eigentlichen Zustellung die Gültigkeit verloren hat.
    Das ist natürlich nicht im Sinne des Erfinders und ich möchte dafür auch stellvertretend um Entschuldigung bitten.
    Wie ich sehe, hast du dir die Sendung aber schon aus der Filiale abholen können. Ich wünsche dir also trotzdem jetzt erstmal viel Spaß mit deinem neuen Handy!

    Viele Grüße